Show #2: Sam Bell interview Dr. Casanova Lenti

Regenerate your spiritual, mental and physical habitats

I have met some great people…let me share my meeting with Dr. Carlos Casanova.
In 1960 Dr. Casanova was way ahead of his time establishing the first Naturist Clinic in Peru.
This exceptional Clinic continues today with a Dr. Ligia Casanova and Dr. Ursula Casanova.

Meditation, raw, fresh and alive foods are the principle avenues for disease prevention.

These dietary clinic paths head in the direction where confidence and willpower reside. This functional & integrated combination of internal strength with healing nutrition has healed many a soul.
Healing with different diseases applying whole food and raw as medicine to establish and manage a healthy and enduring lifestyle.

My enjoyable meeting with Dr. Casanova infused my soul as this 90-year-old is going strong. Carlos is a being of Light.  He is living dietary proof treatment based on raw regenerative foods support physical, mental and spiritual balance.

(Receiving Honorary Diploma and Healing Library from eminent physian and prolific author
Dr. Carlos Casanova Lenti / HIPPOCRATIC MEDICINE CLINIC HUACHIPA, Lima, Peru.)


At the conclusion of our conversation, this generous and most loving man gave me a healing library and award.  I suspect you will benefit and enjoy these interviews with both Dr. Carlos Casanova and his daughter the lovely Dr. Ligia Casanova.

Dr. Casanova and all his loved ones are always in my prayers.


Samuel Joseph Bell
California Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist 40+ yrs
Conscious Spiritual Channel 20+ yrs