Show #1: Sam Bell interview Dr. Akilesh Sharma

Consistently ranked as “The Best Ayurvedic Doctor,” by google search and is into angels…a mentor teacher at the right time and place

– Advisor Ayurveda, Ministry of Health Government of Delhi, India
– Board of Advisors: California College of Ayurveda, California
– The Hindu University of America, Orlando, Florida
– Advisory Board: Florida Institute of complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Delray Beach, Florida

Just thinking of his smile makes me smile.

We met in Lima, Peru, where I channeled his guardian angel, and he shared healing techniques for mind body and soul which go back at least 5,000 years.
In my opinion, he is a very cool soul who has treated the Dali Lama and Prince Philip.

We very much enjoy each others company and his exuberant willingness to help get the message out about the “science of life” natural healing system used in India.
Ayurveda is proven healing knowledge developed from India’s original methods of meditation and Yoga. This applied knowledge is infused with herbal medicine, dietetics, bodywork, surgery, psychology, and spirituality.

Each of us is blessed to have Field Reporter Dr. Sharma share his wealth of expertise.
Behind his loving smile and an enjoyable voice comes relevant knowledge instructing how our inner technologies can be awakened to maintain optimum health.


These anciently sacred technologies have been working for 5,000 years and now today as we apply them in

our workplaces and relationships today Dr. Sharma leads the way with his healing Light.


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