Show #3: Sam Bell interview Dr. Ligia Casanova

The second generation of neo hypocritic physicians dedicated to preventing and treatment of disease with meditation, raw, fresh and living food

Meeting Ligia at the clinic was impressive.
Peruvian culture has dynamic natural healing roots reaching back into Precolumbian experience and knowledge.
This Dr. Casanova is a direct extension of many thousands of years of cell memory and organic healing understanding.


I share this mainly with those of you facing health challenges. Loved one you need to know you can make changes and move forward while improving your willpower, ability to focus and unconditional love.
It is a “quality of life thing.” It is your quality of life thing.

It was a blessing for me to meet this beautiful, loving soul. I do not think she would mind if I share her aura was most glorious and filled with integrity.


Dr. Ligia and I discussed healing wisdom which resonates different paradigms for incarnates today. We considered applying strategic thoughtforms about prevention and treatment of diseases with fresh living food and meditation.

To quote the Doctor ” provide a form of medical therapy, based on raw fresh and lively food, leading them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to regenerate tissues and organs, producing a cellular rejuvenation with vitality and quality of life.”
Loved One, I give my unconditional recommendation to Dr. Casanova.

Dr. A. LIgia Casanova and all her loved ones are always in my prayers


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Samuel Joseph Bell
CA Lic Speech and Language Pathologist 40+yrs
Conscious Spiritual Channel 20+ years