Sambell Show | Show #4: Sam Bell interview Asunta “The Curandera”
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Show #4: Sam Bell interview Asunta “The Curandera”

Inca Female Shaman-black&white magic-Traditional Cusco, Peru

My producer Jarot drove I sat shotgun. Traffic in Lima, Peru is supposedly second worst on the planet behind someplace like New Delhi so riding shotgun is exciting. In the back holding camera and sound equipment was Sachi. All eyes were watching the fenders swimming everywhere.

Elevating consciousness and utilizing the most underutilized resource on this planet “WOMEN” is my zone for communications. This is my passion.


Jarot and Sachi are from Lima, so they know the terrain well. Locating a proper Female Curandera was done with help from Daisy and Jarot. As I was traveling to where I was not sure to discuss what I did not know was cool. And I was hoping whatever happened will generate some movement of enhanced consciousness one person at a time and also our planetary conscious forward, as we all are one.


I did feel like I was walking into an unknown situation. Here I am in South America with a real female shaman who uses both black magic and white magic. I sensed some hesitation in my gut and her gut. However, the spinning blend of about 15 million people coincidently made our meeting a beautiful blossom of knowledge.



The three of us made this field report with the intention to help all souls in some way.  I must be sincere. I am a zealot for Mother God- Shekhinah, The Female Aspect of Divinity. This ultraterrestrial is an incarnation some label the Madonna/Virgin Mary/Mother of Jesus…this super being  “Divine Feminine.” Different Religions each have a testimony to a Female Aspect that presents Themselves in a densified state that can been touched, seen and heard.


Meeting with Asunta and her guinea pigs/coca leaves/Inca prayer techniques/quantum connection with inner meditation breath& and words-thoughtforms produced with same breath of chewed coca leaf as a spiritual divination tool and being able to resonate with a homegrown traditional Inca Female Shaman is a paradigm stepping stone. It was a sublime meeting.It was beautiful and brings knowledge forward on many levels.


This Channeling was a one of a kind spontaneous no actors experience. A Speech and Language Pathologist & Conscious Channel from Silicon Valley making an angelic connection with a Traditional Black /White Magic Curandera from Cusco, Peru is unique.  This video may reveal new spiritual perceptions/experiences for seekers to ponder and appreciate.


Asunta and I drill into Core Natural Spiritual Thoughtform Information which has been held in living cell memory time and space over 5,000 years.

These thoughtforms/ morphemes carry potent resonances in cell memory of the peoples who reside here. Coincidently Cusco is where my wife”Blanca” was born.  Machu Picchu is the Winter Palace, and Cusco is the Summer Palace Location of the Inca Kings and the geographic source of the Mystical and Spiritual information I bring forward with Asunta now. And coincidently I received recognition as a spiritual channel in Cusco.

And of course, there are no coincidences.


About Asunta, she is the real deal and a powerful Female Aspect. From her, I learned about “Apus,” who is the Spirit of the Mountains and other natural Spirits of tradition. I channeled her guardian angel bringing the feeling of smiles and tears.  An this loving soul and all her loved ones are always in my prayers.  Ultimate Consciousness energized with unconditional love.



Samuel Joseph Bell
CA Lic Speech and Language Pathologist 40+yrs
Conscious Spiritual Channel 20+ years