Chapter 2: Awakening

AWAKENING a UFO documentary  .

2 Guys looking for a ufo get blown away when they meet Junior in Chilca, Peru. Jarot, a talented musician, is a Peruvian Astrologer. Sam is an old hippie and retired Speech and Language Pathologist and Guardian Angel Channel from Silicon Valley. Junior is something else altogether, probably an ultra terrestrial. Three different Consciousness resonances become explored as two enormous beings arrive, delivering a planetary warning and a healing solution message.  Sam is passionate about making another off-planet connection Elevating consciousness, seriously questioning everything, and wanting to change a life.

One year earlier, Jarot was Sams guide in Trujillo but got placed into an altered state when the off-planet event occurred. On this Chilca trip, Jarot is different now and more motivated. He is Sams guide again, although this time more spiritual. This actual event is documented for you here. So ride along as the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions melt. Feel what they felt—consciousness and reality of different interdimensional events caught on camera. The surprise ends when Divas call Sam from New Zealand into ancient Hopi Contracts twenty years earlier.  Unbelievably, Junior needs Sam to answer his burning question. A question he wants answered for than anything. Junior wants Sam to explain a vision of the off-planet beings implanted into his mind. An implant vision of me doing my Diva Ceremony in 1999. And this is recorded as an incredible document for humanity. AWAKENING is for people seriously questioning everything while experiencing the awakening process of consciousness evolution or spiritual community. 


Story: Samuel Joseph Bell – Fernando Arróspide

Direction and Scrip: Fernando Arróspide

Direction of Photography: Jarot Manzilla

Camera: Jarot Manzilla – Fernando Arróspide

Post-Production and Editor: Fernando Arrópide

General Producer: Samuel Joseph Bell

Assistant: Lorena Guevara

Chapter 1: Water has memory