Chapter 1: Water has Memory

Water is memory and we are basically made of water.

This is the story of Sam a retired speech and language pathologist now living in a new country for him, in Peru. He is a person who believes that the earth is a school and we are here to learn. In his youth he was blessed with the ability to communicate with his guardian angel Daisy and they have worked together with the help of divine sources in elevate the consciousness of others.

Now in Peru, Jarot meets a young Peruvian who has just returned from India with the purpose of learning more about his spiritual world and the stars. They are joined by Fernando, who owns a coffee shop and knows a lot about alternative technology. And this is how Bell Intell is formed, a group of passionate in search of the truth, mixing spiritual tools and special gifts with technology and communication media.

On their way they will meet people and experiences with the other side, from UFOs and ghosts to near death experiences. Which Sam is going to realize that everything he finds in Peru is closely related to his past.

We are all one.

This planet is to learn from us and our intentions. And the more open to knowing you will discover that what you may think that a simple myth or deception has a spiritual logic to which we are all connected.

Join us to know the truth.


Story: Samuel Joseph Bell – Fernando Arróspide

Direction and Scrip: Fernando Arróspide

Direction of Photography: Jarot Manzilla

Camera: Jarot Manzilla – Fernando Arróspide

Post-Production and Editor: Fernando Arrópide

General Producer: Samuel Joseph Bell

Assistant: Lorena Guevara