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A portion of the following information was obtained while I was at an especially isolated location. The incident occurred during a brief visitation/response and download with an Orb from Orion. This contact event occurred at Black Rock beach outside Trujillo, Peru. The communication was pre-planned and coordinated prior to the experience. I was in the Standing Egyptian position with palms up addressing the Female Aspect of Divinity. Both feet were planted in the sand, heels together enclosing myself in an embryonic bubble of white light unconditional love. The gentle pacific ocean waves and mild-moderate breeze participated with the black sky and ultra-clear heavens.

Loved One, our water planet carries each of us as it is traveling through perceivable heavenly bodies. Crop circles are seen and studied around the world. Also, interestingly Orion constellation replications are upon the solid surface of this earth. Ancient Mayan, Egyptian, and Hopi legends provide historical information and drawings about sky brothers and sisters.

Ancient cultures knew the sky and its inhabitants as the roof above their heads. Interdimensional events and visitations peacefully matured. The technology grew as earth pilgrims increasingly received seeded knowledge. Today the technology has exceeded the consciousness of the societies it destroys. Humanity has gone rogue tribal instead of community. 

It is not something new. However, today the playground has thermonuclear rocks and orbiting explosive arrows. Forget making war. All it takes is one human error. Even with a single bio error, earthpilgrims can and may destroy planet earth. Even the lowliest pilgrims should understand this. One tribe whacks the other tribe and the process murders Mother Earth. Could it happen again?

What is happening in real-time is a no-no in galactic regulations. Civilizations are recklessly speeding while under the influence of A.I. + Quantum Computing powered behavior modification and everyone has been smoking cable tv hypnosis. Hey, what could go wrong?

And now the good news. In a cosmic sense, your timing and your consciousness skills are presently superly elevated. We can truthfully say none of us have imagined or experienced anything like the decivilization which is occurring. What you are experiencing is a deep immersion test for all of the community. This is a “Fertilization” of consciousness to survive humanity and thrive Mother Nature. So it is now or never boys and girls.

We are in a non-voluntary group learning experience with newly seeded information that impacts all human consciousness. Which is =Water has memory and you are 70% or more water. 

The water in your body holds memory as do all the waters of this planet. It is your bank of water memories that you hold in your body now. And it is all water around you, near you, or passing by you. Water holds memory. Now when we apply this knowledge the door is opened to the healing inner talents you hold. Yes, you have slumbering talents ….yet uncounted spiritual gifts as you are a Spark of the Divine.

No one can stop you, only you can do it and it strengthens your upper 4th, 5th-dimensional aspects.

The Orion seeded thoughtforms evidenced by the Hopi, Egyptians, and Maya were physical evidence on solid ground. Now the waters of earth can be infused by your intention-filled water circles. Just like a crop circle brings loving intentions of Deva beauty. The manifested water circle ceremony infuses conscious healing in waters of yourself, others, and Mother Earth. For those who understand and know it is our responsibility. 

While you are now using enhanced willpower, ability to focus, and unconditional love intentions you can make this planet thrive. Three attributes that make you, are the same intentions this earth and all of humanity need improving. Three personalized survival talents you had before you were born, have now and sure as hell all you will take when you pass on.

Well, saddle up your horse cause I found gold! Loved one plenty of clear evidence of Hopi, Mayan, and Egyptian structures along with significantly increased crop circle productions indicate a higher dimensional communion is occurring on a new consciousness level. A global consciousness level that is healthy and organic. Something not a profound tribal level but a planetary community level. The Orb brought strategic seeds planting higher consciousness by using intentions and all waters on the planet. I report this as what is presently occurring on the planet suggests humanity is not moving forward in consciousness.

Extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials, humans, and others are integrating improved consciousness and applications of community at this time. This is a planetary survival test addressing issues around fear and greed.

These Communications of seeded consciousness technologies from Orion address water in us and all bodies of water on the planet. Craft from off-planet sources and other dimensions always have incorporated the lakes and oceans in their influencing techniques. Higher beings know we earthpilgrims must elevate our actions and stop killing one another before any more A.I., Quantum Computing, is bestowed. The unhealthy water memories can be cleansed with a water circle ceremony. This must be done for all of us and humanity to move ahead.

Within this global water, countless sentient beings must also survive. Entities like whales and dolphins will eagerly spread the healing unconditional love resonances from the water. Our sacred intentions are especially effective as other sentient water creatures are connections to all the seas and oceans. This communication was an interdimensional awakening for humanity at this time. Our water planet is unique in our cosmos. The reason others are helping now is the need is the greatest.

Each of us now can play a direct role in elevating consciousness. Elevate the quality of our lives and our planet with the water in us and no one can stop us. It must be done.

you and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,

Samuel Joseph Bell

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