Blog 1: Ethical organic communication

Communication is a requirement for the inhabitants of this planet to JUST survive…forget about everyone having a great time… society has yet to meet the minimum for the process of listening, processing and adding constructive functional thoughtforms…Ethical organic communication is immediately required of all races, all cultures, and languages. Or the issues we now face will get worse as populations grow.
Honest communications are needed to elevate consciousness. Often today the domain of communications is not organic vocal cord /speech articulation sourced from a human being but rather an electronic device. The auditory frequencies people listen to all day are being produced by an electrical current and a speaker/earbud. The most serious question one can begin to ask is…” how much of what you presently believe is sourced from unethically used electronic technologies “…or how much of what you have been to exposed to electronically since birth was B.S.
like radio/tv/internet/wifi/cell radiation….avenues creating activities 24/7 your entire life that is creating false thoughtforms in your brain repetitively from your birth on…..
I bring this up as the Silicon Valley tech worlds so-called spiritual guidance/expertise may be mildly under-endowed and bovine.This metaphysically challenged digital/microwave clan is not CONTRIBUTING much to the spiritual development of humanity. I see they have been able to have more expensive yacht races in S.F. Bay though… too bad the homeless are not into mega yacht races by billionaires.
Evidence of this is witnessed in the destruction of this our planet, our home….seriously…look up at the chemtrails/read ingredients of foods& liquids and stress factors impacting the health of those exposed to this environment. Then stir and simmer with 5G.
The rate of the destruction of Mother Earth is obscene. Please understand…please please understand the Entity Mother Earth has a consciousness. Please understand…please understand Mother Earth Consciousness will be just fine without humanity on its surface creating Eco suicide. Mother Nature/the Divine Source has already eliminated and released many many complete civilizations of the earth.
Honest communications are mandatory for our present plant population to address ecological challenges.

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