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Cosmic Resources with Spirit Guides & Your Guardian Angel

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On occasion, civilizations change. Technology and Artificial Intelligence A.I. hasten progress and as a result, accelerate change, your change. Often this is painful to some extent.
The healthy homegrown earth pilgrim functions 100% within an overlaying family of cognitive and muscular habit patterns of thought and motor function. For the most part, these are unconscious learned habit patterns. Like producing speech sounds while expressing concepts & processing vibrating sound waves. Then associating these sound waves with thoughtforms constructed from memories and or conjecture and doing it with your tongue and ears automatically without any trying. And learning it in whatever speech and language you are exposed to.
Today digital information-stimulated knowledge is integrated with A.I. applying behavior shaping techniques as needed. These effective and subconscious repetitive digital techniques integrate with all the other unconscious habits. You may think of it as an A.I.-managed covert distance learning directed at shaping your habits. Without your knowledge or intent.
This is exterior to your brain and mind. Someone somewhere produced and distributed into your brain. To find the big source just follow the money.  These data dumps of exterior stimuli/data/tv/radio/digital inputs to you are managed by technologies secret. All of these high-end exterior energies invading from the outside of your management shape your behaviors with fear or pleasure of some sort. Behavior shaping from the outside INTO your brain. As everything is also electronically/digital A.I. management it is an almost perfect feedback mechanism. Feedback is mandatory+ required for SOMEONE ELSE to shape your behavior. A stream of electric triggered thought forms all from outside you and none of it from the Interior of you. No information or stimuli coming from your deep heart-mind. Boys and girls this is your cosmic connect direction. To connect with Source/Creator/God you go within. Within you have a heart-mind…heart chakra …Your own sourced willpower, ability to focus, and unconditional love. Stuff you know you have. None of these exterior stimuli are coming from the deep inner of you. This is why prayer works and why consciousness is non-local as persons with experience of an N.D.E.  will describe. This is how telepathy happens it travels on these cosmic energies. Loved one the Spark of the Divine that you are is inside you now.
I promise you that you have inner resources present now. Awakening them is what is needed. Understand you have all the talents in you now, they just have not woken up yet. In some ways, we are like a caterpillar and a butterfly.
When you center and ground yourself, relax your muscles and focus on breathing during visualizations your talents will bubble up spontaneously at the right time. It is called meditation but let’s not call it that. Just think of it as you loving yourself. You become more Light. More love and Light emerge from your heart-mind. You are just more compassionate and patient.
The term Light is a description of the “light” on the other side. This unconditional love beyond description.
COSMIC RESOURCES are there and have been there. Spirit guides and Angels have been helping earth pilgrims since day one. Just like a large city library with stacks of books for miles that stands almost empty while the street out front is busy. You must go into the library/you must knock and the door will open. Spirit guides are volunteers to help you learn your charted lessons. Spiritual lessons not available in heaven. They understand the earth is a school and fully understand you don’t. That is why they are here waiting for you to ask for help and then for you to listen to what knowledge and or actions they can cause which will help you.
They want to help you learn your lessons about not judging yourself or others and loving yourself and others with unconditional love.
These other helpers are under the direction of Divine Creator, from a Cosmic Consciousness/Creator/Mother-Father God/Mother Nature and they are lovingly entrained to the 5th and 6th dimensions. They are specifically designed to bring healing energies/resonance visualized as White Light directly for the Divine Creator of this Universe. Picture Bart Simpson going up the Light to the other side. These healing energies or waves of healing frequencies are from inner space. This is the subspace between the subatomic particles. A very strange space as the subatomic particles are super tiny. Relatively the space between the subatomic particles is further apart than the stars and planets in our universe. This means inner space is greater than outer space. This cosmic rare space is the source of our willpower, ability to focus, and unconditional love. So our body is mostly water. You and I are about 70% water. Dr. Emoto proved that water has memory. The water in you right now holds memories. Your body has your liquid library of thoughts/feelings/sensings/willpower/unconditional love. Your spirit guides and angels are there to help you upon this cosmic inner path of self-acceptance and love.
yea ok now what!!!
The world is getting kinda strange. You need to use your inner resources now. Some would say now or never. Where ever you are no matter how broke you are you can say a prayer and give it to your spirit guide or guardian angel then direct them to a specific Divine Being or angel or Saint….or guru or Extradimensional or ultra dimensional or extraterrestrial. Go inward and Let your heart speak. Loved one then you must focus, relax, meditate going inward listening….and do not do to others what you would not be done to yourself.
You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers

Samuel Joseph Bell

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