Art by: Grace Tume

The Pachamama is the name that the Inca culture gave to everything that Mother Nature represented, from the earth to the great skies and seas. The story of this animated film is that Pachamama was an organic goddess who lived together in a universe of gods and stars. In it live the organic beings that naturally coexist with the Pachamama and that create a balance for it.

Draw by: Grace Tume

Everything changes when a space rocket with a group of astronauts and artificial intelligence arrive by chance upon encountering a black hole in the dimension of Pachamama and create an imbalance in it. In order to find a solution, Pachamama asks her allies, the guardian angels, for help to take Pachi her daughter to her organic world and to find a solution with the creatures that live within her. A revolutionary story that makes you realize that perhaps we do not belong to this planet and the imbalance that we create in it hurts everyone.