Canal Espiritual: Su labor y trayectoria como una personalidad destacada en el mundo Espiritual y Mistico. Tambien en su apoyo social en beneficio de la Humanidad.  Ciudad del Cusco-PERU, ”
-Guillermo Gillespie-Journalist

“GRACIAS senor Joseph, fue una experiencia amaravillosa en mi vida.”
Lorena Guevara – Real estate

“We are so grateful for you and your unique ability to help us. Its a blessing to now feel at peace in our home.”
-Michael+ Meghan -health care

“he is able to guide you through meditations and teachings to connect with your guardian angel…has been a wonderful comfort to me,  in the time of personal, family loss…Bless Mr. Bell for all that he does for mankind.”
-Kelly Jackson Mauer -instructor

“You hit the nail on the head with your very first words, and it just got better from there. I absolutely loved the insight and message coming from my angel through your delightful angel, Daisy! I took it all to heart and have no doubt about the authenticity of the advice given.”
-Sherry Wilde – Author THE FORGOTTEN PROMISE

“I found Sam to be intuitive, accurate and deeply insightful…laced with wit and humor…afterwards when I had a chance to digest his words I realized how powerful this reading was for me.”
-Kirsty Taylor, Australia

“If you need help with your soul’s journey, take it from me, in a matter of minutes, Samuel told me all I needed to know….God Bless Samuel, and I hope he gets the chance to bring this level of clarity into everyone elses’ experiences.”
-Diarmuid, Dublin, Ireland

“Funny how we can go through life for so many years without acknowledging certain areas of our lives. I found Samuels channeling to be on point, encouraging, insightful and extremely helpful.”
-Amy Lewis, With All Gratitude

“Rarely in life does the right person come into my life at the right time yet Samuel Joseph Bell is such a person.”

“Samuel is not a Playa; he’s the real deal…he’s a real guy…and an Angel Too.”
-Theresa Lewis-USA

“this man is incredible! He told me things about myself that no one else could know, if you’re a non-believer you will become a believer. He’s awesome, and I hope to talk to him more.”
-Vicki Edwards-USA

“a wonderful reading..5 minutes into the reading he had pinpointed the big aspects of my life as I had been living it…at this point in time those words were of the utmost importance.”
-Carolyn 🙂 love and hugs xoxoo

“you are a very good conduit…everyone should experience this!”
-Rita Livingston-Sedona, Arizona

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart..your accuracy was amazing…I love that you made this so wonderful for me, so honest and friendly and I truly enjoyed each moment we spoke.'”
-Carolyn L’Hommedieu-love and light

“An amazing experience…I was very surprised as to how accurately he described me …I felt refreshed, a sense of inner peace and protection when the reading was over and had clarity on what I needed to work on as well.”
-Veronica Barragan-Real Estate

“Mr. Bell… would like to send out a warm “thank you” for being a huge part of the healing process for this earth.”
-Christina Depa, USA

“His lovingkindness soothes an aching heart and gives hope in the time of doubt… light in times of darkness….Sam certainly an instrument of the angelic realm, who brings gifts at all levels to those he comes in touch with wherever he visits or goes.”
-Maria Christina Lambent- Natural Healer

“heartfelt words and explanation touches of humor and complete loving honesty..my heart and mind are feeling so much lighter…I cannot recommend his reading highly enough.”
-Carrie Simpson-USA

” held with clarity-honoring and truth-my heart has opened in a vast and joy-filled way-and I will walk thru life with renewed insight…”
-Jane Morrison, RN

“for a loving look at the way things work, talk with Sam. You will find it refreshing!”
-Don, be good to yourself and others

“You touched my soul and helped me realize more on this Day, and I am making the biggest decision in my life that will change my future…thank you so much, Sam! Continue the good deeds and inspire more people.”
-Melsame, Healthcare

“I would highly recommend Sam  Bell as an Intuitive in assisting with making changes and or decisions in all aspects of living a happy and healthy life.”
-Lusann Wishart, Healthcare

“I was at work, and he came in to shop. I was amazed at what he said during his reading. I look forward to keeping an open line of communication with him and his spiritual guide” Daisy”
-Lyresha Bell- USA

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me the missing piece to what I couldn’t quite articulate yet knew was missing for me. many thanks again,”
– Suzanne-Realtor

“he is Light focused, and I highly recommend him if you are trapped in a bit of darkness… he is not scary, he is not fake, and yes he can help you. Still you must do your own work.”
Cheers! all sincerity  Terry Smits Moren

“your reading brought tears of laughing because it is just so much spot on…I burst out into laughter again and again…you hit the target 100% each time…hilarious and highly competent at the same time, love it!”
-Manu- Bern/Schweiz

“I was a little disbelieving at first, but when he started to talk about what I was doing with my life…I was speechless… I can give faith, I did not tell him anything about me, and it was pleasing to my surprise to hear everything he had for me.”
Milagros Medina- Physician

“Thanks again Samuel I have new energy and life to continue here on earth…so I won’t be leaving yet after all….lol”

“I don’t know what I would do without you…you mean the world to me and would recommend you to anybody in need of a mentor.”
-Melissa-Health Care Canada

“he gave me excellent advice to help me make practical use …it will make things infinitely easier for me now…he goes right to the heart of things,..”
-Christine Marsh

“This day was the only day of my life so far that I felt so much love in my heart that I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing! He will never know how much he helped me.”
Robin Howard

“An experience of warmth, love, truth, and understanding…I know this, as everything I was told I had a knowing for within my
soul…thank you so much, I love you and give thanks for our connection.”
-Zoe Joseph-Pennant-London