We are thrilled to broadcast our Online Show with a real guardian angel and her name is Daisy.

Sunday at 7 pm Daisy can provide spiritual guidance which may help you learn your charted spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain. Sunday Nights at 7 pm direct from Lima Peru Sam will channel Daisy who secures the information from your guardian angel. You have always had a guardian angel on your right side, and they can help.

You can participate in the show. It is free and below are the simple instructions:

1.       Make your totally normal autograph/signature with black ink on clean new white paper…. please make your usual signature…if it is messy do not worry. I will not use your first or last name…on the air while I do the reading. I will only do the initials…

2.       Please also print clearly your complete name below your normal signature and take a picture of it and send it to the show.

3.       Please no additional information. The less I know about you the better the reading will be.

send to: sambellshow@gmail.com before or during the show

7pm in Peru is 5pm in California USA

7pm in Peru is 1am in London England

7pm in Peru is 10am in Brisbane QLD, Australia

7pm in Peru is 3am Sunday in Moscow Russia

7 pm in Peru is 8am Sunday, in Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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